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Seahawks' Marshawn Lynch Gets Himself in Legal Trouble...Again

Marshawn Lynch of the Seattle Seahawks is a hell of an NFL running back. So, there has to be a reason why the Buffalo Bills didn’t want him anymore. And there are several, actually, and it’s stuff like this.

Lynch was arrested on suspicion of DUI on Saturday in California. He was taken to jail and given a BAC test, which he failed. He was over the legal .08 limit, but the police didn’t say by how much.

Lynch had his license revoked in 2008 when he plead guilty to charges of “failing to exercise due care toward a pedestrian.” He hit a woman with his car outside of a Buffalo bar. That’s a good one. In 2009, he was suspended three games after a conviction on weapons charges.

So, yeah, add this to the list.

Lynch will most certainly be facing some sort of discipline from the league.

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