8 Best College Football Games of Week 8: Clemson, Nebraska, Oregon, Miami, Kansas State and More

We've got a solo edition of the podcast because I had a lot of football things to discuss and I didn't want to tire a guest out with my long winded explanations. Enjoy this one folks because it was fun. There are clearly games to be covered but here's a quick look at what general topics are also discussed in depth; bend but don't break defense, how greedy college football offensive coordinators are, how inconsistent college players are in general, how pride doesn't make you taller or faster and why all one-dimensional teams are not to be dismissed.

So, here's the Slate folks:

Virginia Tech - Clemson
Nebraska - Northwestern
Oregon - Arizona State
Florida State - Miami
Michigan - Michigan State
LSU - Texas A&M
Kansas State - West Virginia
South Carolina - Florida

Clemson should put the work to the Hokies. Nebraska is every bit as not good on defense or at quarterback as they have been the last few years. Oregon-Arizona State is a lot closer in theory than I expect it to be in practice. The same can be said for Florida State and Miami. Michigan is a team that irks me so I go with Sparty and explain why. Plus I talk William Gholston here and why Jerel Worthy has 0 to do with my feelings on him.

Then I get into LSU and how they should manhandle Johnny Football. Plus Kansas State and the Mountaineers get after it and I think we might just see the Fighting Holgorsen's lose their second game of 2012. Then we get to Sakerlina and Florida; can the Gamecocks stand up to the fist fight that is Florida, a week after they got pushed around by LSU?

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