Watch This Guy Hit A Golf Ball 331 Yards...From His Knees (Video)

| by Jonathan Wolfe

Most people couldn’t hit a golf ball 300 yards if their life depended on it. Truly. But one man, one supremely gifted man, can hit a golf ball over 300 yards from his knees. His name is Jamie Sadlowski.

When Sadlowski hits a golf ball from his feet, he’s capable of launching it 445 yards – tops in the world. He’s used that power to swing his way to two RE/MAX World Long Drive championships. But as this video shows, Sadlowski could take most people in a long drive competition without even using his legs.

Sadlowski, who just qualified as one of eight finalists in this year’s RE/MAX competition, put on this ridiculous display in a recent video for Callaway Golf:

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H/T: CBS Sports