Rangers' Marian Gaborik on Rehab: "I Feel Good"

Marian Gaborik showed us last year just why he is so damn good. 41 goals is nothing to sneeze at. But, his biggest problem has been staying healthy.

And this offseason is no different. Gaborik had shoulder surgery and is currently rehabbing. But, he says so far he’s doing really well with it.

I feel good,” Gaborik said. “I have been working hard in terms of rehab. Things are going as they should be, so I am happy with the progress.”

Keep in mind he’s still not going to be back until some time in November. That’s not the end of the world, but it’d be nice to get a full season out of the guy at some point.

And of course, as a side note, he’s excited about the addition of Rick Nash.

“Obviously (Rick Nash) is a big addition,” Gaborik said. “He’s going to be a big help to us. He’s a proven scorer, one of the top players in the League, and he’s going to be a big addition to our team, a big help. I am excited to have him.”