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Ralph Cindrich and John Phillips Fight on Twitter over Alabama, Nick Saban

Last week, football agent and lawyer Ralph Cindrich went on NewsRadio 1020 KDKA in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and publicly chastised current University of Alabama head football coach Nick Saban and NCAA President Mark Emmert.  

As Sports Agent Blog contributor Benjamin Haynes noted, Cindrich believes Saban is cheating and breaking NCAA rules, but offered no direct evidence to prove such on the radio.  Instead, Ralph stated, “everybody has something on Nick Saban. And if he has a problem with anything I say, then come after me, big guy.

While Saban has not come after Cindrich, many Alabama fans have.  In fact, Cindrich has given the Alabama contingent its own hashtag – #BamaMob, and has allegedly received many threats from them.  In response, Cindrich tweeted the following:

Complaints filed w/ US Attorney Hickton, DA Zappala, FBI Special Agent in Charge-Pgh Office. Terrorists threats from #BamaMob jagoffs.

And then last night, a “Twitter fight” erupted between Cindrich and another lawyer/football agent, John Phillips.  Phillips had the first punch, but Cindrich responded with his own blows.  The fight, below:

When is #BamaMob #BamaNation going to leave @ alone? He blabbed to hometown radio station. Let it go & stop giving him gas.

@ thank you John. You look and sound stupid but you try.

@ But I'd rather be moving up in life than a desperate old man crying on local radio & tweeting zealous fans. Grow up loser.

@ and at least I'm not a wrinkled up insecure prune who has a crackly whiney ass voice. Put your teeth in on the next one.

@ Never heard of ur sorry wantabe dumb hick ass. Now buzz off. You smart enough to understand that? Probably no.

Looking at your tweets, you either are a wannabe tween or dumb as dirt. You aren't even articulate. Go back to the Sr Senior.

@ @ Nope. Botox Bob doesn't want to fight. He may lose his 2006 superlawyer status. Haha. I don't pick on elderly.

@ @ So old man tweets ME, immaturely says I look dumb, calls me a hick & then blocks me. Insecurity is a bitch.

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This article originally appeared on the Sports Agent Blog.

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