NFL Rumors: Minnesota Vikings in Talks with Philadelphia Eagles About Percy Harvin Trade?

You may or may not have heard about Minnesota Vikings WR Percy Harvin and his displeasure with some things that are going on in and around the organization. We’re sure his contract situation is a part of that.

So, now, word has come out that he is requesting a trade. Sources tell OTR that the ideal situation would be to a team that’s good and will pay him a lot more money. We’re told that he likes winning and money. While ESPN‘s Adam Schefter says that a trade won’t happen, we’re hearing differently.

A rumor has started circulating deep (extremely deep) inside the Eagles organization that talks with the Vikings about the availability of Percy Harvin is picking up.

The Eagles have been working out punter Brad Maynard just in case the Vikings ask for the services of Chas Henry in return, which is highly expected. The Vikings have had an eye on Henry for the past couple hours, but have yet to see tapes. But, from what they’ve heard and seen on league message boards, they can’t go wrong.

The Eagles thought process in bringing in Brad Maynard is simple. Henry was ranked 26th in net punting avg last year at a solid 37.5. Maynard was right behind him at 36.7. Thusly, the timing won’t change. Moreover, The Eagles special teams players will not have to run as far with Maynard, which will save them energy for the 4th quarter. They thought about signing a quality punter but feared the extra five to ten yards of running over the course of a game and throughout a 16-game season could end up being very costly.

Eagles special teams coordinator Bobby April is extremely pensive on such matters and his No. 1 bullet point that he stresses is energy conservation. Bolted right underneath the locker name plates of all of his special teams players is the phrase: “Tired Legs, No Kegs.” We’re told it’s a reference to the celebration following a Super Bowl title, first coined by Pittsburgh Steelers RB Erric Pegram when April was the special teams coach of the 1995 AFC Champions.

We expect a decision on whether or not to pull the trigger on a Harvin/Henry trade (of course there will be a low draft pick involved most likely. We’re hearing a conditional 2015 or 2016 pick) to come soon.