MMA-Style 'Team Fighting Championship' Features Group Beatings (Video)


For people who enjoy Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighting, your dream has come true.

Team Fighting Championship (TFC) features two teams of five men who fight each other MMA-style, notes

In a recently uploaded video (below), the LPH (Poznan, Poland) battle the Wisemen (Gothenburg, Sweden).

Before the match begins, scantily-clad women dance in the giant fight ring, reports

The fight begins with five one-on-one battles, but when a fighter is defeated, he must leave the ring and his team. This leads to some brutal group beatings.

The fight includes punching, choking, and stomping until the referees call the match, which is over in less than a minute.

Bloodthirsty fans can watch more of these fights on




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