Mike Tyson Drops S-Bomb on Fox News (Video)

| by Michael Allen

Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson dropped the S-bomb during a live interview with Fox News anchor Trace Gallagher on Monday.

According to Mediaite.com, the interview was supposed to promote a new Fox News documentary series entitled “Being: Mike Tyson.”

Gallagher asked Tyson what it was like to meet Muhammad Ali for the first time.

Tyson recalled it was during his childhood at a detention school in the Bronx, and then became emotional.

“I met Muhammad Ali when I was 11 years old. And um, that gave me the first. Um, wow, s---, that gave me the first inclination that I wanted to be a wanted to be a fighter,” said Tyson.

The boxing great then said Ali didn't recall the meeting when they met as adults.

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Ironically, Gallagher ended the interview by thanking Tyson for “keeping it clean."

Source: Mediaite.com