Gray Maynard on Showdown vs. Clay Guida: "It was Just a Weird Fight"

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Gray Maynard (11-1-1-1 NC) looks at his last fight against Clay Guida (29-13) and remains uncertain as to what his opponent's strategy was. The two fought at UFC on FOX 4 in a fight where Guida was criticized for not being combative throughout.

"It was just a weird fight," said Maynard on MMA Interviews. "This wasn't Clay Guida. This isn't who we prepared for."

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Maynard would win the fight via split decision, but didn't enjoy the fight and takes no responsibility for that.

"Whenever you're trying to count points in your head, it's a f*cked up fight and that's what it got to," said Maynard. "It's stupid that we're now point fighting. It was just a dumb fight. I tried to fight. It's on him."

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The average American throws away 82lbs of clothes:

In the end, Maynard thought he clearly won and gave his take on why Guida performed as he did.

"Round one he was doing a little bit more, so it was hard to gage him," said Maynard. "Round two, I clipped him good, so I don't know if his eye got hurt or he got scared of the power. It changed after that, where it was more run and throw a punch instead of throw a couple and then moving out of there. You can't do that in a fight and win."

Following the fight, Dana White said a repeat performance would result in Guida's release. His next fight is unknown. Maynard is expected to fight Joe Lauzon (22-7) at UFC 155 on December 29.

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