Georges St-Pierre Sees a lot of New Interesting Potential Opponents

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It's been almost 18 months since Georges St-Pierre last fought and in that time he's seen several new challengers come forth.

"It's like there's a lot of new challenges and I'm very happy to be back," said St-Pierre on MMA Weekly. "It's like a new thing; it's actually pretty cool. I feel a lot more motivation right now. It's exciting. Look for bigger and better challenges."

St-Pierre has been out of action since April 2011 with an ACL injury to his knee. He returns to defend his welterweight championship against Carlos Condit (28-5) at UFC 154.

Whatever the outcome of his fight with Condit is, St-Pierre looks to challenge the recent names that have rose in the division.

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"I'm going to hit as hard as I can," said St-Pierre. "Regardless whether they talk bad or not."

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