Dan Hardy Has a Problem with Matt Hughes' Hunting Pictures

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Dan Hardy (24-10-1 NC) is among a group of individuals who have questioned Matt Hughes' (45-9) decision to post online pictures of himself, next to several dead animals from a recent African hunting trip.

"I don't really understand how you fly out to Africa, look out on the savannah, look at those animals and go 'You know, I want to kill that [as] I can't make sense of that in my head,'" said Hardy on Fighter Only. "For someone who's a self-proclaimed good-guy Christian, it just doesn't calculate. He's getting his morals mixed up somewhere. He really needs to have a look at himself and question what he's doing."

Hardy returns to action at UFC on Fuel TV 5 tomorrow, September 29. Hughes' future remains open after last competing for the UFC in 2011.

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