NFL Week 6 Review, Analysis: Denver Broncos vs. San Diego Chargers

With 5:02 left in the third quarter Monday night, Philip Rivers threw incomplete to Dante Rosario on second and eight. Maybe this drive would stall, but the Chargers held a 24-7 lead and the time to pull together a comeback appeared to be running out on the Broncos. Denver held just a 0.03 win probability, after all.

Of course, on the next play Elvis Dumervil strip-sacked Rivers, Tony Carter picked up the loose ball and 32 yards later and an extra point later it was 24-7 Chargers. Seemingly just as soon it was 24-14, and 24-21, and 28-24, and 35-24. And then game over. How did the Broncos, so utterly dominated in the games first 40 minutes, come back to take home the victory (and with it, the top spot in our efficiency ratings)?


It starts with a bit of help. Philip Rivers obliged. All five turnovers (four in the second half) were his responsibility. Neither could turn the tide alone -- the game-sealing Chris Harris interception for a touchdown had the biggest impact at +0.23 WPA for Denver, the others all between +0.10 and +0.15 -- including the game-sealing Tony Carter interception Zach Sanders covered earlier.

But San Diego wasn't even the team hurt most by its turnovers...

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