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2013 College Football Recruiting Rankings: Alabama, Ohio State, Florida, Notre Dame, UCLA, LSU and More

College football recruiting has developed into a big money business over the last few years as we've seen more and more sites and individuals covering this aspect of the sport on a year-round basis. I have a basic level of interest in recruiting but honestly I'm more interested in what goes on inside the lines. I was mostly unplugged from media chatter today as the top prospects (not including the kids who are already on campus as early enrollees)  faxed in their letters of intent.

While I have a passing interest in recruiting, there is no doubt of it's importance in the sport. If you look at rival's recruiting rankings from 2007 to 2011 you will find that five of the top ten teams in terms of recruiting during that time period finished in the AP Top 10. Three more AP Top 10 finishers finished in the top 15 in the recruiting rankings. The only two teams that finished in the AP Top 10 this past season that didn't finish in the top 15 of recruiting rankings over the last four years were Stanford and Texas A&M. 

There are a lot of other factors that go into college football other than just recruiting but it is important and it's kind of like the start to the new season with all of these new faces on your favorite team. I combined the overall team recruiting rankings for this incoming class from Scout.com, Rivals, 247Sports and ESPN and according to them here are the top classes for this season...

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