New Fitness Craze Involves Weight Training While Spinning

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Fitness crazes come and go, but the ones that stick around get reinvented over and over again.

Soul-Cycle reinvented indoor cycling with its signature total body workout on an indoor bike. The real thing that sets Soul-Cycle apart from ordinary cycling classes at the gym (other than the hefty price tag) is the energy and enthusiasm that smacks you in the face the second you step into the Soul Cycle flagship location in Tribeca.

Recently, I went back to the flagship location to experience a Soul Cycle Band Class with Amy. Amy’s energy was the perfect balance of “it’s 6:30 a.m. on a Friday morning” and “let’s get this party started.”

The one-hour class was 1/3 cardio and 2/3 bands. The bands are ordinary therabands that hang from the ceiling above each rider. There are two bands to choose from, one heavy and one light.

The class began with a warm-up and a little cardio. The bands were then utilized while sitting up on the bike and pedaling. Exercises with the bands included lat pull-downs, shoulder raises, tricep presses, bicep curls, and core moves.

To get a better idea of what the class is like, here’s a clip from Fox NY.

As always, Soul Cycle was a fun experience. Amy’s teaching style was right up my alley. She didn’t show off in front of the class: she focused on encouraging the riders and getting us through the hour.

Like any other type of new workout, it takes time to learn how to make new moves effective. I’ve only been to one soul band class.  I imagine if I had the time and money to take more classes, I’d be able to master the strength training moves to make them more effective.

That being said, I’d rather spend an hour just spinning or an hour just using the bands (on or off the bike).

If you don’t live in NYC, but are planning a trip here, add Soul Cycle to your itinerary. It’s a fun, sweaty experience!