Officer Prays For Driver's Mother During Traffic Stop

| by Reve Fisher

An Idaho police officer performed a small act of kindness for a family going through a difficult time.

Kootenai County Sheriff's Deputy Matthew Brakeman was conducting a routine traffic stop in Hayden, Idaho, for a vehicle that had been traveling 10 miles over the speed limit.

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"Driver was not very happy to be stopped," Brakeman told KREM. "So I spoke to her for a moment."

He learned that the driver, RaeAnn Kuykendall, was in the middle of driving her mother to an important doctor’s appointment.

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Congress just passed a drug testing law that has a lot of people outraged. Do you think this is wrong?

"I asked where they were headed," he said. "And she said to the oncologist. She then started to become a little bit emotional."

Instead of giving the family a ticket, Brakeman walked over to Kuykendall’s mother and asked for permission to pray for her.

"She said, ‘Absolutely,'" he recalled. "So then we prayed and told them to have a good day and went back to my car."

Kuykendall wrote a message on the Sheriff’s Office Facebook page on March 30 to thank the officer who made her day a little easier.

So I made an appointment this morning for my mum at her Cancer doctor. They could fit her in but I had to hustle to get there. Okay no problem..... Until I get pulled over for going 45 in a 35. The officer that pulled me over didn't give me a ticket but instead went over to my mums side of the car, got down to her level and gave her a beautiful prayer. Needless to say I emotionally lost it but thankful for him pulling me over at that moment and offering his kindness to us. I don't know the officer's [name] that stopped me but I want to thank him for his blessings and for hope.”

Brakeman told KREM that his mother had died of cancer. He felt the family needed a bit of compassion more than a traffic citation.

"I know the feeling," he said. "Because there's the letter of the law and there's the spirit of the law. And, these particular folks, I don't think they were violating the spirit of the law though they were violating the letter. I think they needed some love, and we all do."

According to a recent Facebook post, Kuykendall lost her mother to cancer within a couple weeks after the compassionate traffic stop.

Sources: KREM, ‎Kootenai County Sheriff's Office/Facebook, RaeAnn Kuykendall/Facebook / Photo Credit: KREM