Woman Claims She Was Gang-Raped, Then The Truth Comes Out

| by Sean Kelly
Taffy Wheeler and husband Scott Schmidt Taffy Wheeler and husband Scott Schmidt

A Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, woman was arrested and charged after filing a false report about being raped by four men while on the beach. 

Taffy Wheeler originally told police that she was walking along the beach in Surfside Beach, South Carolina, when she was brutally attacked and raped by four men. Just 36 hours later, Wheeler recanted her story.

A police report documenting the case states that Wheeler's story "changed with each officer she talked to," and that she "did not have any signs of physical injuries." The only part of her clothing with any dirt on it was "at the heel of her pants."

It was later revealed that Wheeler lied about the rape because she planned to have sex with a former co-worker and feared her husband, Scott Schmidt, would find out. 

Wheeler pled not guilty to filing a false police report of a felony and was arrested on $1,000 bail.

Sources: Daily Mail, WCBD News 2 / Photo credit: Myrtle Beach Online

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