Kayaking Dad, Daughter Get Terrifying Surprise (Video)

| by Brendan Kelly
Lance Burgos being surprised by alligatorLance Burgos being surprised by alligator

A Louisiana father got a terrifying surprise while kayaking with his daughter.

Lance Burgos spent a weekend at Fausse Pointe State Park with his daughter Evan, a friend, and his friend's daughter. The group went camping and hiking before a fishing trip on their kayaks on April 9.

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The two men came upon a rigged-up pool noodle, which appeared to be set to bob up and down if a catfish were to bite. When Burgos and his daughter spotted the noodle bobbing, they rushed over to see what had been caught.

In a video shared on YouTube, Burgos can be seen revealing what was biting. It was not what he expected.

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"I thought it was a big garfish," Burgos told

In the video, however, as Burgos pulls on the pool noodle and feels the weight of what he is pulling, he sees teeth come up above the water and quickly realizes what they have caught -- a massive alligator.

Immediately, Burgos drops the noodle, exclaims, "Oh my God," and pedals away as fast as possible.

"I was in a 13-foot Hobie Outback, and that thing had 3 foot of head that was a foot and a half across," Burgos told

Burgos said he never expected to see an alligator on the other end of the line, and the gator was the biggest they had seen all weekend.

"My daughter and I got back from camp [April 10], and when we went to bed, we both said, 'We're going to have nightmares about this,'" he added.

Fortunately, nobody was hurt in the incident. Burgos' video of the incident, which was posted to YouTube on April 10, has since gone viral, garnering over 1.1 million views in just two days.

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