Bizarre Sea Creature Stumps Chinese Fishermen (Video)

| by Brendan Kelly
The Mysterious CreatureThe Mysterious Creature

Photos and video of a bizarre, unidentifiable creature captured by fishermen in China has many speculating on what the animal could be (video below).

Chinese fishermen spotted the creature in the water near Zhoushan, a city in eastern China.

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The strange sea creature, has a head shaped like a crocodile's, but with the smooth, gray skin of a dolphin. It also has two growths on its head.

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The average American throws away 82lbs of clothes:

Naturalist magazine in China speculates it could be a beaked whale, which typically lives in the deep sea and is rare to see.

Dr. Stephen D. Simpson, a lecturer in Marine Biology at Global Change at University of Exeter, told Daily Mail he also believes the creature could be a beaked whale, specifically a male, "of the species Mesoplodon densirostris."

Simpson said the growths on the animal's head are actually "upward facing teeth, which, believe it or not, are used to attract females."

Photos of the creature have generated a lot of interest in Chinese media and online, gaining  more than 69,000 comments on one Chinese site.

Sources: Daily Mail, Daily Mail via YouTube / Photo credit: Daily Mail