Want Your Kid To Be A Doctor? Give Them This Name (Graphs)

| by Jonathan Wolfe

Picking a name for your child can be a time-consuming experience. Do you go with a classic name? A new, trendy name? A family name? There are millions of names out there, and finding the right one for your kid doesn’t always happen quickly.

The people over at Verdant Labs are tackling the naming conundrum from a new angle. While developing their Nametrix app, the company discovered that certain names appear at disproportionately high rates in certain professions than they do in the general population. Put simply: if you want a lawyer, name her Cecily.

“Take Elvis, for example,” Mark from Verdant Labs wrote in a blog post. “There aren’t all that many Elvises out there, but a particularly high percentage of them are musicians. As a result, Elvis ranks high among musician names. Elvis isn’t the most common name among musicians — that’s likely to be John or some other very popular name. What’s interesting is that it’s way more common among musicians than you might expect, given how rare it is. In other words, it’s common in that profession relative to its overall frequency.”

Here, courtesy of the Nametrix app, are the most common names in a handful of professions:

Want to get the full scoop on your child’s future job? Check out this complete list:

  • Accountant: Maribel, Charmaine, Kurtis, Mindy, Adele
  • Biologist: Stuart, Suzanne, Sara, Cheryl, Janet
  • Car Salesman: Clay, Travis, Pete, Allen, Bob
  • Drummer: Joey, Mickey, Billy, Chad, Tommy
  • Electrical Engineer: Harvey, Eugene, Bernard, Edwin, Charles
  • Farmer: Duane, Marlin, Delbert, Darin, Mavis
  • Firefighter: Brandon, Darren, Ryan, Jason, Jeremy
  • Fitness Instructor: Virginia, Rebecca, Julie, Pamela, Karen
  • Football Coach: Rich, Mike, Bill, Dan, Jim
  • Football Player: Reggie, Jermaine, Darnell, Quinton, Nate
  • Geologist: Henry, Frederick, William, Leonard, Hugh
  • Golfer: Bud, Willie, Tommy, Bobby, Johnny
  • Graphic Designer: Vanessa, Alison, Diana, Jan, Kurt
  • Guitarist: Mick, Richie, Trey, Sonny, Buddy
  • Hair Stylist: Lori, Raymond, Patricia, Susan, Robert
  • Historian: Herbert, Adrienne, Henry, Emma, Theodore
  • Insurance Salesman: Dalton, Garrett, Patty, Brent, Clark
  • Interior Designer: Elise, Marjorie, Martha, Lynne, Bonnie
  • Journalist: Alastair, Gideon, Hanna, Jonah, Louisa
  • Judge: Archibald, Lise, Josiah, Clement, Louise
  • Lawyer:  Norton, William, Sanford, Cecily, Augustus
  • Librarian: Nanette, Margot, Abigail, Johanna, Eleanor
  • Mechanic: Dave, Patrick, Randy, Fred, Jerry
  • Meteorologist: Joe, Bill, Scott, Mike, Jeff
  • Photographer: Zoe, Bruno, Hugo, Annie, Noah
  • Poet: Celia, Hannah, Edgar, Edmund, Dorothy
  • Police Officer: Louis, Kevin, Wayne, Kim, Timothy
  • Rabbi: Chaim, Shlomo, Judah, Meir, Yosef
  • Race Car Driver: Robbie, Johnny, Bobby, Sebastian, Luigi
  • Rancher: Boyd, Leland, Leroy, Judy, Roy
  • Social Worker: Jeannette, Stella, Penelope, Constance, Marsha
  • Soldier: Zachary, Jacob, Jeremy, Kyle, Joshua
  • Songwriter: Richie, Mick, Sonny, Benny, Billy
  • Stuntman: Eddie, Erik, Alex, Ben, Terry
  • Surgeon: Sherwin, Harris, Barrett, Sanford, Holly
  • Venture Capitalist: Joanna, Guy, Shawn, Nicholas, Alexander
  • Veterinarian: Wayne, Sara, Peggy, Tracy, Gene
  • Sources: Verdant Labs, IJ Review