Grandma Dances In Waffle House Parking Lot (Video)

| by Brendan Kelly
Woman Dancing in Waffle House Parking LotWoman Dancing in Waffle House Parking Lot

"Just be yourself" is great advice, but it's often easier said than done. But for one Georgia grandma, this isn't a problem.

In a video (below) recorded from inside a Waffle House in Georgia, a grandma can be seen completely embracing the idea as she dances her heart out, by herself, in the parking of the chain restaurant.

Some may tell a woman her age that she's "too old" to be acting this way, but we can all learn a valuable lesson from this lady that you just have to be yourself.

Not only did the woman have a great time dancing in the parking lot, but the customers inside the Waffle House got a great free show and can be heard enjoying themselves in the video.

Sources: LittleThingsAbby Tucker/Facebook, YouTube / Photo credit: Abby Tucker/Facebook

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