Nebraska Woman Denied Driver's License Because of Her Same-Sex Marriage

| by Michael Allen

Sue Stroesser was recently turned down when she tried to obtain a Nebraska driver’s license.

Apparently, the problem is not her driving ability, but rather her same-sex marriage to Mary Stroesser in Iowa.

“At the core of my pain and shock is that I am from Omaha," Sue told The World-Herald. "I was born and raised here. These are my people, and these are Mary’s people. I am left feeling angry, sad and a little bit empty.”

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At issue is Sue's name change, a part of her same-sex wedding in Iowa, which the Omaha, Neb., DMV refused to recognize on July 14.

According to, in 2000, Nebraska residents passed a constitutional amendment by a vote of 70 percent that doesn't allow the state to recognize gay marriages.

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Sue's Social Security card, passport and credit cards all include her married last name.

However, when she went to the DMV office to get a Nebraska driver's license under her married name, Sue was told was she needed a document that proved her name change.

Sue had her Iowa marriage license, but the DMV staff politely turned her down because it's not valid in Nebraska.

“I have a Nebraska state license to practice in my health care profession,” states Sue. “I work in Nebraska as a Stroesser. I have paid Nebraska taxes for three years as a Stroesser. And I’m denied a driver’s license?”

“We have to follow the Constitution, and can’t recognize a marriage license for two persons of the same gender,” Rhonda Lahm, of the Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles, told The World-Herald.

Sources: The World-Herald, (Image Credit: Napa)