Tennessee Woman Arrested After Reporting Stolen Drug Money

| by Emily Smith

Tennessee woman Chrissie Ann Solis was arrested Thursday after she called police and reported that she had lost money on a drug deal.

The arrest occurred after the 35-year-old reported a theft in her home. Solis said that a friend had visited her home and that she had $140 sitting on her kitchen table. When she went to the bathoom and returned, her friend and the money were gone.

A routine warrants check was run on Solis’ friend, Tiffany Waller, who was found to be wanted on several charges.

Before Waller was arrested, she gave a Murfreesboro officer consent to look at her phone, which held a text message discussion between Waller and Solis about buying 20 Lorritab pills for $7 a piece, amounting to $140.

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Waller then admitted to Solis exchanging the money for pills, but that she took the money back. She argued that she intended to pay Solis back.

Waller was arrested for criminal impersonation, robbery and violation of probation. Solis is currently being held on $6,000 bond.

Sources: The Tennessean, DNJ