Teen Films Brawl Between His Mother And His Girlfriend Using A Selfie Stick (Video)

| by Amanda Andrade-Rhoades

A young man apparently used a selfie stick to film a brawl between his mother and his girlfriend. 

In the video (below), the unidentified teen grins while the two fight, egging them on.

Before the fight started, the teen handed his mother a bat but took it away before the brawling again. He also took a glass away from his girlfriend before the pair duked it out in a doorway.

"Get this b**** off me!” the mother yelled as she was pinned by the girlfriend against the door by the neck.

The teen replied, giggling as he tried to drag his girlfriend away, “I'm trying; she's too strong.” 

The video, which was posted to LiveLeak, has been viewed over 75,000 times. It does not show how the altercation ended, nor was anyone in the clip identified.

Sources: LiveLeak, NY Daily News / Image via YouTube

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