Study: Trump Supporters Disapprove Of Black Assistance

| by Robert Fowler
Trump supporters are a South Carolina rallyTrump supporters are a South Carolina rally

Results of a study indicate that Caucasian supporters of President Donald Trump are more likely to disapprove of federal housing assistance when it is associated with African-Americans.

On Sept. 8, a study found that white Trump supporters were less likely to support a federal mortgage aid program when they were shown the image of a black man than when they were shown the image of a white man, Vox reports.

The study was conducted by professor Matthew Luttig of Colgate University in conjunction with professors Christopher Federico and Howard Lavine of the University of Minnesota. The researchers surveyed over 700 national adults on their support for a mortgage program that offered housing assistance.

The researchers showed some respondents a picture of a white man standing before a foreclosed house and showed other respondents a black man instead. The survey results found that white respondents with higher favorability towards Trump were much more likely to disapprove of the mortgage program when they were shown only the picture of the black man. These respondents were also more likely to say that they were angry with housing assistance than Trump supporters who were shown the picture of a white man.

Meanwhile, white respondents who expressed the least amount of favorability towards Trump were actually more likely to approve of the mortgage program after seeing the picture of the black man than when they were shown the picture of a white man.

Respondents who said they supported former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election did not show a noticeable difference in favorability towards the program when shown either picture.

"These findings indicate that responses to the racial cue varied as a function of feelings about Donald Trump -- but not feelings about Hillary Clinton -- during the 2016 presidential election," the researchers wrote in an analysis of their data.

The results also signaled that it was favorability towards Trump specifically that corresponded with a more negative reaction to the image of a black man.

"Support for Donald Trump -- not partisanship or ideology -- uniquely captures distinct reactions to our experimental manipulation of race," the researchers added. "That is, support for Donald Trump appears to serve as a basis for polarized responses to racial cues in its own regard."

On Aug. 23, a Public Policy Polling survey found that 45 percent of registered voters who supported Trump believed that whites faced more discrimination than any other demographic in the U.S., while only 41 percent named another group. Meanwhile, only 26 percent of overall white voters believed that whites faced the most discrimination.

On Aug. 31, a survey conducted by The Economist and YouGov found that 57 percent of registered voters believed that Trump did not care about the needs of African-Americans while 38 percent believed he did care, according to Newsweek.

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