'Family Feud' Contestant Gives Hilarious Answer (Video)

| by Brendan Kelly
Larry on 'Family Feud'Larry on 'Family Feud'

"Family Feud" host Steve Harvey could not have asked for a better answer when he asked a nervous father a question he would have preferred not to answer in front of his family (video below).

"Name the first part of a woman you touch to get her in the mood," Harvey said to the contestant, Larry.

In a moment that is equally cringe-worthy and hilarious, Larry shook his head and responded, "Uh, that would be the lower front, or, vagina."

Harvey, the audience and Larry's family broke out in laughter at his answer, and Harvey proceeded to tease him. 

"I didn't want to say it!," Larry said, as his family cringed and laughed.

Sources: Rare, Family Feud/YouTube / Photo Credit: Screenshot via Family Feud/YouTube

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