Disturbing Image From ISIS Shows Baby Kicking Severed Head (Photos)

| by Dominic Kelly

A disturbing picture out of Syria shows an alleged ISIS supporter holding his young baby and laughing as the child kicks a severed head on the ground.

In the photo, which many say shows that the terrorist group has sunk to a new low, the man holds his baby and laughs as he makes it kick a severed head on the ground. At least one person can be seen in the background watching the scene unfold. Reports say that the severed head is likely at least a few days old.

The Daily Mail reports that the face appears to be a soldier and that this victim may have been mutilated and killed with some kind of knife.

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The disturbing photo comes a day after another photo made its way on the Internet. In that photo, children are seen standing around staring at a crucified and beheaded man. The man was reportedly a Syrian rebel killed by ISIS militants.

Sources: Daily Mail, Mirror UK, Metro UK