Pilot Irfan Faiz Arrested In Cockpit For Being Drunk Right Before Flight

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Pakistan International AirlinesPakistan International Airlines

An airline pilot reportedly admitted to being drunk just before he was scheduled to fly out a British airport.

The BBC reports that Irfan Faiz was detained by police in the cockpit of a Pakistan International Airways Airbus on Wednesday. The 54-year-old Faiz was reportedly more than four times over the legal alcohol limit just before being due to fly from Leeds Bradford Airport.

Police are believed to have boarded the captain’s airliner and approached him in the cockpit as he carried out pre-flight checks, according to the Daily Mirror.

Faiz was charged with carrying out an activity ancillary to an aviation function while impaired by drink.

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After pleading guilty, Faiz was told by magistrates that he had "breached the trust of the public" and the consequence could have been a serious loss of life.

All 177 passengers on board Pakistan International Airlines flight AK-776 were given the choice of going home or being put up for the night in a hotel.

The Daily Mirror also reports that a PIA staff member said the arrested captain, who is believed to have been with the airline for more than two decades, has been suspended.

Newser reports that Faiz is scheduled to appear again in court next month, per the BBC.

Sources: Newser, BBC, Daily Mirror