Parents Say Teachers' Pep Rally Dance Was Too Racy for Kids

| by Lisa Fogarty

Teachers at a high school in Wise County, Virginia, say they had good intentions when they performed a dance at a recent pep rally – considering it an effective way to engage their students and strengthen the teacher-student bond – but parents and a school administrator had a different take on the matter, reports WJHL.

After one teacher at Union High School posted a video to YouTube showing the teachers mid-dance, parents complained that it was inappropriate and Wise County Director of Schools Dr. Jeff Perry urged staff members to use better judgment the future. The video shows male employees sitting in chairs while female employees dance behind them to the song “Don’t Cha.”

Perry says no teacher involved in the skit will be disciplined, but that he has cautioned them to not allow something like this to happen again.

“We’ve talked to administrators about reviewing activities and making sure they are carefully weighed out before we act,” Perry said. “I think these (teachers) are people who really love these kids, and they never would dream of doing anything that would hurt their kids or their families.”

Source: WJHL

Photo Credit: YouTube