Officers Throw Party For Boy Removed From Unsafe Home

| by John Freund

A group of Oklahoma police officers threw a birthday party for a young boy they removed from an "unsafe situation."

Officers had to remove the unidentified young boy from his home because his home life presented an unsafe situation, KFOR reports.

The boy told officers it was his birthday, and that he had never had a party or birthday cake.  

Upon hearing that news, five of the officers took it upon themselves to buy the boy a birthday cake and gifts. They also organized a small party for him at the Department of Human Services office.  

Oklahoma DHS posted a picture of the officers with the little boy -- whose face was covered for privacy reasons -- to its Facebook page, along with a note that read:  

"Late one night last week, a young boy had to be removed from his home due to an unsafe situation. The Oklahoma City Police Department responding officers learned during the course of visiting with the boy that it was his birthday. Sadly, they also learned this little boy had never had a birthday cake or a party in his life. Even though the hour was late, the officers went out and bought the child a birthday cake and presents and had a small celebration with him at the DHS office before he was taken to a foster home by DHS."

The photo has gone viral, with many users commenting and thanking police for their generosity. 

One user wrote, "God bless each of you officers.  Thank you for doing more than you know!"  

Another commented, "Wow, what good souls."  

The Oklahoma DHS has so far not officially commented on this story. 

Sources: KFOR, Oklahoma Department of Human Services/Facebook / Photo credit: Oklahoma Department of Human Services/Facebook

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