NBC Israel Team Captures Live Police Shooting Of Man With Knife

| by Nicholas Roberts
Basel Sinder.Basel Sinder.

In an incident caught on camera by an NBC news crew on Oct. 14, a man dressed in combat fatigues who appeared to be brandishing a knife was shot dead by Israeli police.

Police spokeswoman Luba Samri said the incident began when border police spotted the man, who was looking nervous and suspicious. As a few officers approached him, he allegedly lunged at them with a knife, reports Fox 17. He then turned toward another police unit, whose members yelled out that the man was a terrorist before shooting him 12 times.

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Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld later tweeted a picture of the knife, which he said was 7.8 inches long.

The attacker was later identified by the Israel Security Agency as Basel Sinder, 19, of Hebron in the West Bank.

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The average American throws away 82lbs of clothes:

The incident is another manifestation of violence that has overtaken the region in recent days, and is the second attack in a week to take place near Jerusalem's Old City gates.

On Oct. 10, two young Palestinian men carried out attacks with knives on officers and civilians in the Old City. Both of the attackers were killed by police, according to authorities.

Amid the outbreak of violence, which some commentators regard as a "third intifada" (uprising), about 1,600 reserve border police have been mobilized in Jerusalem and throughout Israel, according to CNN. The prime minister's office has said that the force is a “primary preventive and deterrent measure.”

A particularly fierce point of contention has been access to the Temple Mount in the Old City. Palestinians have repeatedly clashed with security forces at the site recently, amid suggestions from Palestinian leaders that Israel seeks to change the status quo at the site, where Jews are permitted to visit but not pray.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has denied these allegations, and called on both sides to refrain from visiting the site to avoid further violence.

Sources: NBC News, News 17, CNN / Photo credit: NBC News