Infant's Death Sends Parents Packing With Their Other Daughter As Authorities Discover Meth Use

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Mississippi police issued an Amber Alert for a 2-year-old girl after her parents fled their home following the death of their other 7-month-old daughter that same morning. The girl was eventually found unharmed in Sylvester, Georgia, and now, the parents are in police custody.

According to reports, Donald Boyd Harris, 34, and Allison Studdard, 31, were living with Allison’s father Roger Studdard when early Wednesday morning, the grandfather discovered that 7-month-old Alyssa was unresponsive. He immediately picked up the phone to call the police, but before they could come, the couple took their 2-year-old daughter Maliah and fled the scene.

After the Amber Alert was issued, police in multiple states were actively looking for Harris and Studdard. The next day, the couple was spotted at a gas station in Sylvester, Georgia, and they were promptly arrested.

Now, 2-year-old Maliah is in the custody of Georgia’s Department of Human Services. When authorities searched the couple’s home, they discovered meth. For the drugs, which were also found in their car, both Harris and Studdard are now facing serious charges.

As for 7-month-old Alyssa’s death, police say they have not yet determined if the parents were directly involved, although an autopsy revealed no signs of violence against the infant. It’s not yet clear if the couple will face additional charges.

"It's too early in the investigation to say," said Lowndes County Capt. Bryan Rickert. "That will be part of the investigation process."

Both Studdard and Harris’s mug shots show clearly just how much their drug use has affected their physical appearance when compared to pictures of them from even a few years back.

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