Missing Teen Found After Mother Discovers Photos Online

| by Brendan Kelly

A missing teen girl from Oregon has been found after her mother reportedly came across photos of her online.

Rosemary Gullett, now 15, was missing for six months when her mother, Maureen Gullett, made a shocking discovery in early January. She stumbled upon photos she believed to be of her daughter, Liftbump noted.

However, she was not entirely certain if the photos actually showed her daughter as her appearance had changed, possibly in an attempt to hide her identity.

Maureen posted the photos on her Facebook page. She wrote that she originally believed her daughter ran away but that she now worries she may have become a victim of trafficking.

Oregon police searched statewide for Rosemary for months, but Maureen thought her daughter may have been transported to another state, such California, Texas, Washington, Hawaii or Tennessee.

Rosemary had reportedly contacted several friends via social media while she was missing but never revealed to them where she was located.

After a months-long search, it has been reported that Rosemary has been found and is safe.

According to an update on Missing Persons Of America, Rosemary was confirmed to have been found by her father, David F. Gullett.

"I want to reach out and thank everyone for your Prayers and Support. Rosemary has been found," David wrote to Missing Persons Of America on Jan. 16. "Several situations are still in play to provide an amiable return to home. Continued Prayers are appreciated, for the plans to fall into place."

On March 25, the website shared another update about Rosemary, noting she and her siblings are now in foster care.

"Rosemary is currently in foster care and her siblings are in foster care also," the update reads. "She is happy. Just know that she was very sweet and respectable in her note to me, and I thought she showed strength, bravery and a maturity wise beyond her years, concerning the situation.

" I hope she checks back in, in a few years to let us know how she is doing. To Rosie: You touched a lot of hearts and we wish you the best."

Sources: Missing Persons Of AmericaLiftbump / Photo Credit: Facebook via Liftbump

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