Video Claims To Show Human Bones In Graveyard (Video)

| by Brendan Kelly
The Dumpster At The GraveyardThe Dumpster At The Graveyard

A disturbing video (below) has resurfaced in which a man stumbles upon what appear to be human bones in a dumpster near a graveyard.

The video begins with the cameraman walking through a peaceful cemetery near the water on a clear, blue day. He then walks through an opening in the wall at the back of the graveyard. There's a dumpster behind the wall.

In the dumpster area, is a pile of garbage, including several old caskets. The camera then turns to the ground by the garbage to reveal bones, which the uploader claims are human.

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There is not much information available about the video, which was originally uploaded in 2012. Watch the video above to see for yourself if you believe the bones are human.

Sources: FirstToKnowYouTube / Photo credit: Screenshot via YouTube

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