Poll: Americans See 'Widespread' Racism Against Blacks

| by Kathryn Schroeder

More than 60 percent of Americans think racism against blacks is widespread in the United States, according to a new poll.

In Gallup’s June 7-July 1 Minority Rights and Relations survey, 3,270 adults in the United States participated, including 1,320 non-Hispanic whites and 912 non-Hispanic blacks.

Sixty-one percent of respondents believe racism against blacks is widespread, while 41 percent think racism against whites is widespread -- an increase of eight percent since 2015.

Eighty-two percent of blacks find racism against them to be widespread, an increase of 10 percent from Gallup’s October 2009 survey. Fifty-six percent of whites believe the same today, an increase of seven percent since 2009, and 66 percent of Hispanics agree. In 2009, 59 percent of Hispanics saw racism against blacks as widespread.

As for racism against whites, 43 percent of whites think it is widespread; 33 percent of blacks are in agreement.

According to a Race Relations survey conducted by Gallup in June, 32 percent of Americans said relations between blacks and whites are somewhat bad. Forty-six percent chose somewhat good, with only 7 percent stating they were very good. The very bad option was chosen by 14 percent of participants.

When asked separately by race, the answers did not vary by many percentage points.

Forty-eight percent of whites found race relations between themselves and blacks to be somewhat good, of which 42 percent of blacks agreed. Thirty-two percent of whites chose somewhat bad, as did 29 percent of blacks.

There was a substantial difference in the very bad category, with 21 percent of blacks selecting it as how they view race relations with whites, while only 12 percent of whites agreed.

Sources: Gallup (2) / Photo credit: Spiro Bolos/Flickr

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