Long-Lost Wallet Returned To Ohio Man Kevin Gibson After 20 Years

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An Ohio man is feeling grateful after a golf employee stumbled upon a long-lost wallet while performing groundskeeping duties.

Twenty years ago, a 24-year-old Kevin Gibson who just completed serving in the military had lost his wallet while at the Brookside Golf Course in Ashland, Ohio, reports The Blaze.

“I remember riding in a golf cart through the golf course. After that, it was when I realized that I didn’t have my wallet anymore. I remember thinking ‘oh no, not again.’ It was like the second or third time in my life that I had lost my wallet,” Gibson told WJW-TV.

Head groundskeeper Jim Willis came across the wallet, which Gibson had lost in 1994.

“We were over here picking up trash and I noticed something and picked it up. It was a wallet. There wasn’t much wallet left, just the cards so we turned it into the pro shop,” he told WJW.

The wallet contained a drivers license and college ID from 1990.

“I said this is so cool that we found this,” assistant manager Jim Howell said. “I think I’m going to put a note on my Facebook page, and that we found it and that it is about 20 years old. A friend of mine on Facebook came back and said ‘I think I know the guy you are talking about.’”

The post led Gibson to his wallet just six hours after Howell posted the contents on Facebook.

“A friend that I had went to school with saw the post, reached me through Facebook and told me that they had found a wallet with my name on some of the stuff inside of it,” Gibson told the TV station.

“It was quite a surprise that day. It was good news. I think it’s the last time I actually lost my wallet. So I’m kind of glad that it’s the last time it happened,” he added.

Sources: TheBlaze, Fox 8 Cleveland

Photo Source: Screenshots via WJW-TV

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