ISIS Fighter Taunts America With Photos Of U.S.-Issued Military Equipment (Photos)

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Canadian-born Islamic State - formerly known as ISIS - fighter Abu Turaab al-Kanadi took to social media this week and posted numerous photos of ISIS members using American-made weapons and military supplies.

The supplies were originally given to the Iraqi military by the United States when American troops left the country. ISIS has seized the weaponry after gaining control of territories previously ruled by Nouri al-Maliki’s Iraqi regime.

Seen in al-Kanadi’s photos are Humvees, guns, grenades, backpacks, and camouflage apparel all originally issued by the United States military. Many of the pictures include captions taunting the American government, like “American tax dollars at work.”

Here's a sampling of the photos, courtesy of MailOnline:

 Canadian jihadist Abu Turaab al-Kanadi uploaded photographs of U.S. military equipment the brutal Islamist group has seized from fleeing government soldiers in Iraq


 Al-Kanadi's photograph of a Humvee shows the military vehicle adorned with the black ISIS flag

 'Restricted law enforcement/Government use only and Center Industries Corp, Wichita, Kansas'

 'What else you want to give us Obama?'

ISIS has suffered combative setbacks in recent days, losing control over Mount Sinjar, Iraq and Mleiha, Syria. Mleiha, a suburb of the Syrian capital Damascus, is viewed as a key territory in the conflict.

American airstrikes continued over ISIS territories today. The latest drone strike destroyed an armed ISIS vehicle, U.S. military officials say. 

Sources: MailOnline, The Guardian

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