U.S. Veteran Jim Lowe Told To Stop Flying Either American Or Marine Corps Flag

| by Jonathan Wolfe
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A decorated U.S. veteran is being asked to take down American and U.S. Marine Corps flags from outside of his house.

The veteran, former Marine and Georgia resident Jim Lowe, lives in Sun City, a community near Atlanta.

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Sun City community policy states that only one flag per-household may be flown. Currently, Lowe flies both the American and the Marine Corps flags at his house. The American flag sits on the left side of his garage, the Marine Corp flag on the right.

The community has given Lowe an ultimatum: either take down one of the flags or be fined. Lowe told Fox 5 Atlanta that management told him they will fine him $25 per day until he takes one of the flags down. If, after some time, Lowe still flies both flags, the community will consider further legal action.

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The average American throws away 82lbs of clothes:

But Lowe doesn’t consider the Marine Corps flag a flag.

"I don't consider it a flag," he said.  "Most people don't.  You talk to any Marine.  Those are the colors. That [the American flag] is the flag."

Lowe says he sent a letter to Sun City management asking them to repeal the violation notice, but he is yet to receive a response from them. 

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