Woman Claims She Accidentally Shot, Killed Boyfriend While Moving Out (Video)


An unidentified woman in Houston, Texas, claims she accidentally shot her boyfriend while she was moving out of their apartment after a verbal fight on Wednesday.

According to KHOU, the woman called 911, and police found the dead boyfriend at around 10 p.m. (video below).

The woman told police that she was moving boxes when her shotgun accidentally went off and shot her ex in the chest.

"When she contacted 911, she advised that the shooting was accidental," Brian Evans, of the Houston Police, told Click 2 Houston. "So far, upon our initial contact with her, that was her claim as well."

According to CW 39 NewsFix, a Harris County grand jury will decide if there will be any charges against the woman.

Sources: CW 39 NewsFix, KHOU, Click 2 Houston


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