Bill to Ban Guns on School Campuses in Oregon Defeated

Gun owners in the Beaver State should be pleased that the state Senate passed House Bill 4045, Concealed Handgun License (CHL) confidentiality legislation sponsored by state Representative Kim Thatcher (R-25), by a 24 to 5 vote.  Furthermore, Senate Bill 1594, the last-minute campus gun ban introduced by state Senate President Peter Courtney (D-11), was defeated by a 15 to 14 vote

House Bill 4045 is a necessary legislative fix because under current law, the private personal information of every person holding a CHL in Oregon is at risk of being divulged to the public.  HB 4045 passed in the House on February 15 by a 44 to 14 vote.  Following today’s Senate passage, this bill will be transmitted to Governor Kitzhaber for his consideration.

Senate Bill 1594, identical to Senate Bill 1550 sponsored by state Senator Ginny Burdick (D-18), which died earlier this legislative session.  SB 1594 would have amended ORS 166.370 by creating a new prohibition, also a Class C felony, for possessing "a firearm or other instrument used as a dangerous weapon, while on school grounds."  The definition of "school grounds" would specifically include not just K-12 schools, colleges and universities (as the "public building" ban does), but also community colleges. 

This bill was introduced in response to last year’s Oregon Court of Appeals decision which ruled that colleges and universities do not have the authority to ban Concealed Handgun License (CHL) holders from carrying on campus grounds.  Its defeated today is a strong victory for gun owners.

Please contact Governor John Kitzhaber and respectfully request that he sign House Bill 4045 into law.  You can contact Governor Kitzhaber by calling (503) 378-4582 and by e-mailing him through the online form foundhere.

The NRA thanks you for your tireless efforts in defending freedom and protecting the Second Amendment during this legislative session!