Baltimore Cop Points Gun At Teen, ’Accidentally’ Shoots Him (Video)

| by Michael Allen

A Baltimore County police officer was working a second job as a security guard when he shot a 14-year-old boy at an apartment complex in Randallstown, Maryland, on Monday.

When police arrived at the apartment complex, they met with two armed off-duty officers, one of whom shot the teen.

The off-duty officers claimed they got a call from the apartment management company about people inside a vacant apartment that was being built, reports ABC 2 News (video below).

The off-duty officers said they saw someone walking on the balcony of the vacant apartment.

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The Baltimore County Police Department claimed the off-duty officer said he "was pointing the weapon in the direction of the balcony" when "his weapon discharged accidentally," noted The Baltimore Sun.

The 14-year-old boy was hit in the shoulder by the gunshot, but his injury was not life threatening.

The off-duty officer has been placed on administrative duty while an investigation into the shooting continues.

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Baltimore County Police spokesman Cpl. John Wachter said the teen may be charged for being in the vacant building.

Sources: ABC 2 News, The Baltimore Sun
Image Credit: Baltimore County Police Logo