Grieving Father Turns Son's Ashes Into Diamond

| by Sarah Fruchtnicht

After his 20-year-old son died, an Italian father had his body exhumed so he could be cremated and sent to Switzerland to be compressed into a “Remembrance Diamond.”

The 20-year-old died in a car crash earlier this year and was buried in Treviso. This is the first time human remains in Italy have been made into a diamond.

The 55-year-old man spent as much as $18,000 on the eight-month process, which includes filtering and refinement of the carbon found in a person’s ashes.

The cost depends upon the size of the diamond created.

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An ABC News feature on the process earlier this month explains how it works: “A diamond is composed of pressurized carbons. Conveniently enough, human bodies are about 18 percent carbon. Using about a pound of ashes, the company is able to distill out the carbon and use it to form a man-made diamond in a mold under high pressure in about a week. These synthetic diamonds created this way are often blue because of certain chemicals in the human body.”

Sources: New York Daily News, International Business Times