13-Year-Old Killed By Goat That Fell Off A Roof

| by Dominic Kelly

A bizarre report claims that a 13-year-old boy in Turkey died after a sacrificed goat fell on top of him.

According to 13-year-old Heval Yıldırım’s father Mehmet, the family purchased a goat to keep before the Feast of the Sacrifice, or Eid al-Adha. Mehmet claims that they weren’t sure where to store the goat before they sacrificed it, so they stored it on the sixth floor roof of their building.

On October 3, Heval was playing with his friends outside of the building when the goat jumped over the protective fencing on the roof and right onto the 13-year-old from the top of the building. The teen was rushed to a local hospital, but despite their best efforts, doctors were unable to save his life.

Now, an investigation is underway as prosecutors call the case “unprecedented.” Heval’s father Mehmet says he is grieving the loss of his son, but adds that there isn’t much to say about the situation and that, “Even the prosecutor has said this incident could be the first of its kind around the world.”

Sources: Hurriyet Daily News, Blazing Cat Fur