Girl Raped By Uncle, Castrates Him The Next Day

| by Jonathan Wolfe

A rape victim in India got revenge on the man who raped her by castrating him.

The rapist, who is the girl’s maternal uncle, is a tantrik (religious doctor) and claimed he could cure the girl’s recent health problems.

When the girl visited her uncle, he said she was under the influence of supernatural powers and needed to be treated alone with him in a room. Once in the room together, he raped her.

The uncle told the girl to visit him the next day for more treatment. This time, the victim came with a cell phone and a sharp knife. She used the cell phone to record their initial conversation and then castrated him.

When the victim reported the rape to police, they tried to hush her up. The girl’s family tried to conceal the crime as well. When the victim managed to schedule a local court hearing, her tantrik uncle convinced authorities to cancel it. It was only after politicians intervened that a formal complaint was lodged.The victim was then sent off for a medical examination.

An arrest warrant was issued for the rapist, but he remains on the run today.

Sources: Times of India, India TV News

Photo Credit: Raveendran/AFP, Anchal Project