Farm's Support For Police Goes Viral (Photos)

| by Sheena Vasani

A Halloween corn maze made by farmers in Eagle, Idaho, has sparked controversy.

A photo of the intricately designed Twin Oaks Farms' Halloween Land Corn Maze, which was shared by Ohio Going Blue's Facebook page, reads "Back the Blue" in the middle.

It is a tribute to police officers, the Facebook page says. The corn maze's image shows a police officer and a patrol car.

Some appreciated the deeper political message behind the act.

While it's not clear whether this was a specific move against the Black Lives Matter movement, many interpreted it as such.

"The message is clear and proves that the owners of the Twin Oaks Farms Halloween Land Corn Maze care more about showing respect for law enforcement than the thugs with the [Black Lives Matter]," comments Alicia Rich for Mad World News.

On the other side of the fence, the tribute was also perceived as a gesture protesting Black Lives Matter by some.

"BlackLivesMatter and I am not a thug," wrote one Facebook user. "Just a mother of a black boy that I am afraid will be killed by the police because they might think his iPhone is a gun. I love all races. I'm just afraid for my people. We need compassion."

The maze is just one of many images capturing national attention amid heated interactions between Blue Lives Matter and Black Lives Matter protesters. Black Lives Matters supporters are calling for reform after police officer in several cities have shot and killed unarmed African-Americans. Meanwhile, Blue Lives Matters advocates accuse Black Lives Matter of vilifying police officers.

"I truly believe that every cop believes that all lives matter," said Donna Caprio, a retired police officer who lives in Middletown, New Jersey. Caprio was attending a Blue Lives Matter protest in Middleton at the same time as a Black Lives Matter group was holding a rally nearby.

Some see the issues from both sides, including former police officer Maj. Neill Franklin.

"I am a black man, and I am a retired police officer who spent more than three decades in uniform," writes Franklin for The Hill. "I have been deeply affected by both the police shootings of young black men and the Dallas and Baton Rouge shootings of police officers."

"It is in everyone’s interest to find a way forward, reconciling the past by acknowledging challenges and failures on both sides," he added. "Instead of seeing our fellow Americans as the enemy, we all have to ask ourselves, 'What can we do better?'"

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