Family Finds Special Surprise In Redbox Movie Rental (Video)

| by Sean Kelly
Redbox Movie With Money InsideRedbox Movie With Money Inside

A Missouri family was pleasantly surprised to find a $5 bill in their Redbox movie rental  (video below). 

Michael and Michelle, of Kansas City, Missouri, said they found the bill when they rented the movie "War Room" on Dec. 28. After bringing the movie home, the couple’s daughter Natalie noticed something in the case.

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“I just saw a little bit of the money peeking out from the disc,” Natalie said. 

“We heard her say, 'There's money in here,' and I was like, what?” Michelle added.

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Michelle checked the disc, and found a note along with the $5 bill that read “Enjoy some snacks on us! Blessings.”

Overwhelmed by the kind gesture, Michelle posted a photo of the surprise on her Facebook page -- which was eventually picked up by Redbox and shared on its official page.

“I think it's overwhelming because it was such a simple gesture that someone did that's turned into such a big -- a huge deal,” Michael said. 

The family decided to pay the gesture forward by putting the money back and returning the disc.

“We stuck it back in there because we already had snacks for that night, so we stuck it back in there and brought it to another Redbox,” Natalie said. 

“There's still good out there,” her mother added.

Sources: WDAF-TV, Mad World News / Photo credit: Mad World News