Professor Gregory F. Sullivan Jokes About Aurora Theater Shooting, May be Fired

| by Michael Allen

Professor Gregory F. Sullivan, of the United States Merchant Marine Academy on Long Island, may be fired because of an Aurora theater mass murder joke that he told in class, reports

The New York Times obtained an internal school memo that claims Prof. Sullivan started a documentary film in his classroom and then joked: "If someone with orange hair appears in the corner of the room, run for the exit."

One of Prof. Sullivan's students is the son of a man killed during the Aurora movie theater shooting.

The United States Merchant Marine Academy's dean called the joke "notoriously disgraceful" and said that Prof. Sullivan was made aware of the reason for the student's absence, following the shooting.

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Prof. Sullivan is currently suspended from his job and has ten days from the date of the memo (August 10th) to challenge his firing. Prof. Sullivan has apologized to the student, his class and the administration.