Indiana School Teacher Puts Diaper On 5-Year-Old Student For Acting Like A Baby


An Indiana teacher’s aide at Children of the Earth Montessori School was fired after she put a diaper on her 5-year-old student because he was acting like a baby. The class teacher was suspended indefinitely as an accessory in the act.

The child’s mother, who brought attention to the story during a meeting at the school last week, said she was shocked when her son told her the humiliating story.

“There was no excuse,” Alejandra Keefe, the school’s administrator, said in reference to the teachers’ behavior. “They made a really bad choice.”

The school prides itself on its mission statement, in which a child is “respected as an individual” during “periods of great sensitivity” in their lives. The school also encourages students to make intelligent choices, a tenant of their curriculum.

Unfortunately, while toddlers are held to such exceptional standards, the teachers at Child of the Earth seem to fall short.

Sources: Fox News, Daily Mail


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