Hamilton College Hosting 'Orgasm Class' For Female Students


Hamilton College, based in Clinton, N.Y., plans to host an orgasm workshop for female students on Monday.

The Hamilton College’s Womyn’s Center described the event on their Facebook page:

Join us to laugh and learn about the "big O," the most popular topic sex educators Marshall Miller and Maggie Keenan-Bolger teach about! Orgasm aficionados and beginners of all genders are welcome to come learn about everything from multiple orgasms to that mysterious G-spot.

Whether you want to learn how to have your first orgasm, how to have better ones, or how to help your girlfriend, Maggie and Marshall cover it all with lots of humor, plenty of honesty, and an underlying message of sexual health and women's empowerment. Are you coming?

While aimed at female students, the workshop is also open to male students.

It's not clear how much the school is paying for the orgasm class, but the same event by Sex Discussed Here! cost the University of Minnesota $3,406, noted

Sources:, Sex Discussed Here!, Facebook


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