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Woman Arrested, Hospitalized For Attempting To Hide A Meth Pipe In Her Genitals

| by Sean Kelly
Christina Searcy.Christina Searcy.

A Texas woman was hospitalized after she apparently attempted to hide a meth pipe in her genitals when she was pulled over by police.

Christina Searcy, 36, was pulled over, along with three friends, after authorities responded to a report of the foursome committing fraud. The group allegedly had been attempting to write checks on a closed bank account. The owner of the account later decided not to press charges.

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After officers pulled Searcy and her friends over, they reportedly smelled marijuana coming from inside the van and asked the group to exit the vehicle. When 20-year-old Kevin Hales got out of the van, a joint fell out behind him.

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Police then searched the car and found bags of cocaine. Searcy, Hales, Kimberly Kinn and Melinda Robertson were all taken into custody.

While in custody, Kinn admitted to having a methamphetamine pipe in her bra. After she removed the pipe and gave it to police, Searcy admitted she too had a meth pipe concealed, though it was hidden in her vagina.

Officers allowed Searcy to try and remove it, but she was unable to and had to be taken to a nearby hospital. Hospital staff removed the pipe and it later tested positive for methamphetamine.

Searcy and her friends were charged possession of a controlled substance, and are in police custody.

Sources: Daily Mail, Montgomery County Police Reporter / Photo Credit: Montgomery County Sheriff's Department