Smart Car Gets Ticketed For Perpendicular Parking

| by Reve Fisher
Smart Car Being TicketedSmart Car Being Ticketed

A smart car got a ticket after parking in an unorthodox way.

In Newton, Oregon, the owner of a smart car received a ticket for being parked perpendicularly in a parallel space. The Newport Police Department posted a photo of the unusual park job on its Facebook page on March 21.

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"Smart Car?" the department questioned. "It failed simple geometry. You can't legally park perpendicular in a parallel spot. Officer Lekas had to cite it for Improper Parking."

Several people are debating whether or not the car deserved the ticket. While some commenters said the police department must have been bored, or short on revenue to issue such a ticket, others argued the purpose of smart cars is to be able to fit in smaller spaces.

"This is quite literally what these cars were designed to do; fit perpendicular in a parallel space," wrote Andrew Fields on KPTV. "Imagine all the real crimes that were being committed while this car was being ticketed."

"That was the whole point of Smart Cars," wrote Jim Ty. "Using them in a manner that reduces the need for large parking spaces is illegal apparently."

To clarify the need to issue a citation, the police department left a few comments, although it did not want to “bog down a fun post with a bunch of boring legal mumbo jumbo.” The department explained that vehicles need to be parked so the right-hand wheels are parallel to the right curb, and within 12 inches of that curb. When marked parking spaces are available, vehicles must face the direction in which other vehicles are expected to travel.

To expand on the department's explanation, several people stated that just because a car is small, that does not make it legal to park illegally.

"The issue that many are failing to see is that the 'smart car' is not in an actual parking space, it is parked in between two already occupied spaces, which is illegal on its own," wrote Angela Kegley on the department's Facebook page. "Just because it ‘fits’ doesn't make it legal and it also doesn't justify them making it difficult, if not impossible for the other two vehicles, which are parked legally to vacate their spaces without risking hitting the 'smart car.'"

Sources: KPTV News, Newport Police Dept, Oregon/Facebook / Photo credit: Newport Police Dept, Oregon/Facebook